Celebrating the Holiday

For the first holiday season with horses at Soulful Prairies we opened the doors to celebrate. Soup, drinks, wreath making and friendships were all shared and enjoyed. A group from Sheltered Village joined us, each taking home a wreath to decorate their facility. It was a beautiful day with a grand sunset!

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I just want to thank you again for the truly enjoyable Saturday experience at your amazing Soulful Prairies!

Everything was perfect, from the magnificent views of the sunset fronted by the spinning windmill near the pond, followed by the full moon lighting up the prairie setting, to the friendly horses that seemed so eager to meet each of us, and their magnificent barn with the delicious soups, sandwiches, and cookies! And we even had the chance to make a wreath with all of the supplies.  Everything was beautifully organized and orchestrated!”
A women who joined us to Celebrate the Holiday