Hosting Events

One of Soulful Prairies goals is to host educators and clinicians. There is nothing more exciting than the bringing together of passion and knowledge in a safe comfortable environment.

Clinics, retreats and educational sessions are available in a variety of areas each year. The areas of interest include organic gardening, bee keeping, wetlands, native wildlife and plants, sustainability and mental, physical and spiritual health.

Our biggest commitment is to the equine world. We believe that the developing of deeper relationships between horse and human is beneficial to everyone and will also have a long-term effect on issues including slaughter and over breeding. When humans see horses in a different light, perceptions will shift and an important changes will take place.

Learning together and sharing ideas and knowledge is exhilarating. We have created an environment that breeds acceptance – an environment where mistakes and learning can take place without judgment.

We are open to suggestions and ideas at all times.