Past Events

Soul Jam 2015

dinner-eventsPOC’S First Annual Farm to Table Dinner

Soulful Prairies hosted Palatine Opportunity Centers first Farm to Table Dinner in October 2013. A breath taking sunset, appetizers and cocktails were followed by an organic local dinner created by chef Dave Esau in the loft of the barn.

Chef Dave donated his time and enthusiasm to educate guests on the details of each delicious course. The second annual  Farm to Table fund raiser is scheduled for September of 2014.

braiding-past-eventsSoulful Prairies Community Art Project and Potluck

Local artist Iris Moore taught individuals how to braid the wild grasses along the ground to create a pattern.Individuals alternated between braiding and enjoying the magnificent fall day. A community pot luck picnic was shared. Stay tuned for the 2014 project of braiding the grass into the image of a horse.

Iris Moore  is an artist from Harvard. Her passion is using “craft” material and techniques, frequently ceramics or textiles to connect with the earth. She is an installation artist and has been shown in the US, Alaska, Canada, and Great Britain. You can contact Iris at iris

pumpkin-past-eventsPumpkin Patch

In 2011 we took a stab at a pumpkin farm and got lucky with some good old fashioned beginners luck. My kids and I planted every variety of pumpkin we could find from white , to extra  enormous, to bumpy to your traditional orange and we even threw in some gourds that ended up climbing the trees. It was a blast!

When October came around we hosted a Pumpkin Farm fund raiser for Vincent and Annabell’s Garden. The proceeds went to help support families who had terminally ill children. It was a beautiful fall day and we all had a great time.  Palatine Opportunity center came out a week later and picked the remaining pumpkins and sold them to help raise funds for their non for profit organization.

After the year of the drought in 2012 and then the crazy wet and busy spring of 2013 we feel luck is on our side once again. Stay tuned for Pumpkin Farm updates for 2014.

civil-unionCivil Union

Close friends of the Bruce’s held their Civil Union at Soulful Prairies in October of 2012. It was a chilly fall day so the service was moved into the isle of the barn and the the celebration followed in the loft. Good food, friends, music and dancing filled the barn with a happy vibration.

A Summer Wedding At Soulful Prairies

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