Article By: Linda Kent Bruce


A man on the street corner holding a sign reading “$1 — Good karma,” looks up at me with a huge grin and I hand him two singles while asking if I can get a little extra. My friend yanks the edge of my shirt as we walk away, whispering under her breath, “He’ll just waste it on alcohol or something.” I respond with, “I don’t care what he uses it for.” That thought settles in me. It doesn’t matter if he buys a shot of whiskey or a sandwich. In this case the gift is a gift with no strings, no expectations.

So that two dollar gift felt good, but I also walked into that experience knowing it was going to be fleeting. I would most likely never see him again. This was an easy one – no lasting relationship, no expectations, no pain or hurt.

As far as gifts with no expectations –- I guess it really does depend. We have a right in a relationship to have expectations which involve boundaries around our time, the love we give, and money, to name only a few. If we give and give with no reciprocation, often resentment arises, and in that feeling of resentment there is a gift worthy of attention. When resentment creeps in we can become aware that we have tuned out to that very valuable piece of ourselves, intuition. Intuition really takes good care of us if we don’t block it out of fear, avoidance or a need to keep the peace. When we block the knowing place in ourselves we can end up feeling splintered. As much as we would like to point the finger outward, ultimately we are disappointed in ourselves for not remembering “I am worthy”. I am worthy of my thoughts and opinions. I am worthy of love without having to “do” anything. I am worthy just as I am.


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