Playing in the mud with horses

JOIN US at Soulful Prairies
Sunday, June 17th – 9:00am – 4:30pm
Retreat designed for ages eighteen to infinity

Vivian Ginsberg Smith and Linda Bruce have created a unique opportunity to experience the energy of horses while learning and playing with clay. This day will give you an opportunity to slow down, enjoy the serenity of Soulful Prairies, play in the mud, soak up the majestic energy of the horses and reconnect with yourself.

  • You will have the opportunity to:

    • Work on a pottery wheel
    • Hand build with pottery
    • Enjoy the company of the horses
    • Learn from others at the retreat
    • Explore task oriented experiences versus process orientated experiences
    • Relax during a gong meditation

    Included – horses, all materials, a beautiful environment, good people and lunch.


  • Soulful Prairies Grounds

    *No experience with horses or pottery necessary.

Your Investment in a Day of Fun – $165
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Linda Bruce
Linda strongly values the seeking of truth and answers to create a full life for oneself. This never-ending process has brought her to a place of combining her social work, counseling, Equine Gestalt Coaching, life and horse experience together. Her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of discovery while finding the healing powers that exist within each of us. Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies in Woodstock Illinois.

Vivian (VIVI) Ginsberg Smith
VIVI creates ceramic artwork produced on the Potter’s Wheel and Hand Altered Clay Sculpture. The forms, derived from nature, are presented as either naked clay, or covered with unusual combinations of glazes. Much of the work represents parallels between events in the natural world and the human experience.