connection-1Coaching With Linda

Connection with yourself and others is the means to clarity.  The unfolding of connection brings you to a place of authenticity and truth.

When I think about my coaching practice, a quote from a song winds through my mind; “Let me see beneath your beautiful, I want to see inside.” This is where my passion lies. Helping people see inside without shame.

Often we are tied down by going through the motions and getting through our daily needs. Our true potential at living fully and authentically cannot be found if we are stuck in the patterns of business and survival. What I do is combine the innate energies of horses with my skills acquired over the past twenty-five years as a social worker, counselor and equine gestalt coach practitioner to guide you to the inherent answers within.

I see my place in this process is to open new possibilities and ask questions that create new perspectives, and the client’s job is to use their own intuition and energy to feel their way to what is right for them.

Through this process the client finds confidence in their direction and develops skills to continue to live life from a place of awareness where answers are available within their own consciousness.

Let me and the Soulful Prairies herd guide you in the process of connection.

One On One
Often times when I work with individuals we schedule phone sessions for an allotted number of dates and then, when the timing feels right, an individual will come out for a farm visit. The farm visits include time in the arena with one to two horses.

Due to the horses’ natural instincts and ability to tune into to the energy around them, they enhance the coaching environment and bring unique insights.

We do not ride the horses but instead work with them on the ground.

Small Groups and Retreats
Soulful Prairies is a place to create and experiment. I have offerings of retreats throughout the year, which I host. I am also open to building customized retreats for small groups. These retreats can revolve around the equine work and be enhanced with other services such as yoga, massage, reflexology and gong treatments. A retreat can also be created with a particular goal in mind.
– Full Day
– Overnight
– Multiple Days

Corporate Retreats and Team Building
This is another great opportunity to blend the needs of your group with all the offerings Soulful Prairies has.

Does your team struggle with communication issues? Do you need to find commonalities within the group to create bonding and cohesiveness? Would a new perspective between your customers and your team help bring inspiration and passion back into the group? Or could your team just use a little time to be pampered and appreciated? Whatever your needs are we can discuss ideas to initiate a tailored plan.
– Full day
– Overnight


Customize Your Experience
– Customized Horse Experience
– Guided Visualization with or without horses
– Gong Treatment
– Farm Tour
– Yoga
– Massages with or without the horses
– Reflexology
– Gourmet catering
– Healthy Catering
– Cooking Demo
* If you have a specific idea around a theme or topic that you would like to include in your retreat we are happy to work with you to creat a unique experience

*No horse experience necessary

Please feel free to call Soulful Prairies when you’re ready to find out more about horse human counseling.