The Horses




Jessi was my first “very own horse” and she will always have a special place in my heart. She is a thoroughbred and came off the track at a young age. When we purchased her in 2009 she was a four year old, skinny little thing that was just learning to jump. We have grown together with our mistakes and determination. With her tender, gentle way she is a huge asset to Soulful Prairies.






Charlie wrapped his sweet personality around my soul the minute I laid eyes on him. We purchased him when he was  eleven in 2010 for my daughter and he has taken good care of her through her years of developing as a rider. He is mischievous, kind and wise, all combined together. Charlie has the ability to see the vulnerability in individuals and compassionately honors each being for who they are. He can be trusted with any secret.






PJ was also purchased in 2010 when she was seven. She was a thoroughbred off the racetrack and was being trained as a jumper. She has struggled with finding her place in this world but with time found her voice and speaks her mind regularly. She has been my teacher with ground work and patience and I continue to learn from her. Her sensitivity to energy is an invaluable tool  and will bring about change and awareness to anyone who slows down and takes the time to listen to what she has to offer.







Keebler was purchased in 2011 when he was four. He is a warm blood and came to the barn I was boarding at for another customer. He was placed in the stall next to Charlie’s. My son befriended him and knew my admiration of this beautiful creature ran deep. He decided that if we named him cookie, he could then make the simple request for a cookie from his Dad and it would be a done deal. The customer who had planned to buy SoCo (his name at the time) backed out. On the day SoCo was scheduled to leave, the farrier and my trainer arranged for me to ride him. The rest is history.  We have created a  partnership that I cherish. Keebler Elva has a huge heart and a gentle forgiving spirit.

Kincaid is our newest addition. He is a ten year old Friesian who came to us in April of 2014. As we get to know each other, I see a strong loyal spirit. He is letting us in slowly, yet with confidence and purpose. Behind his beautiful forelock is a willing master who will bring change with a subtle certainty. He is a huge asset to our equine family and we are excited to have him on our team.