• Reiki 1 Energy Healing Class
    July 21st and 22nd

    Presented by Wendy Jordan Certified Reiki Master, Teacher and Quthor and Spiritual Healer in Santa Fe, NM

    In this class you will learn:
    • The traditional Usui Reiki hand positions for selfhealing
    • Full body hand positions to heal others
    • Energy protections, exercises and meditations
    • Techniques for Animal Reiki
    • Chakra System and Body Psychology

    You Will Also Receive 4 Reiki Attunements, a Reiki Manual & Certification, and there will be time to practice Reiki on others.

    Classes are from 10am to 4pm Saturday & Sunday
    Group Potluck Lunch — Bring a healthy dish to share
    Evening Meditation & Drum Circle for all who stay the night
    Class Price $300, includes a $50 non-refundable deposit that

    Lodging at Soulful Prairies
    Turn your class weekend into a private retreat by staying at Soulful Prairies. Accommodations are in The House. Stay the night of the 21st or come early and stay the 20th also. Visit the Lodging page to reserve your room.

    Call Wendy at 505 466-3040


  • Wendy Jordan Reiki Master

    Wendy Jordan is a Reiki Master, Teacher, Author and Spiritual Healer. She began her practice in Chicago in 2001, teaching all levels of Usui Reiki, facilitating retreats and volunteering in hospice and animal shelters. Since moving to Santa Fe 9 years ago, she has widened her practice to include Native American and Shamanic, Journeying and Trauma Release techniques. She even moved up into the mountains to be able to do “Reiki in Nature” classes and healing session, often joined by Ravens & Hummingbirds, and the occasional fox, coyote and even a bear! She also works with her partner Roger Ayres, a Shaman and Intuitive healer in “Intuitive Reiki Sessions.”

    In 2014 she published “Embracing the End-of-Life Journey” a memoir of her Reiki Journey work with all friends, family and clients as they approached their death, and has created a Reiki for Caregivers class. Most recently Wendy has been working with the National Veterans and Healing Center in Angel Fire, NM.

    Go to her website, www.JoyousJournies.com to learn more, or she can be reached at 505-466-3040 or Reikijournies@gmail.com.