Testimonials From Soulful Prairies Clients

Thank you so much for these heartfelt testimonials!
Christina – Boulder CO
Linda held such a safe and supportive space for me to tune into my body’s wisdom.He led me on a journey to release some deeply held emotions. It was powerful and transformative.
Laurie – Sun Valley, ID.
Linda is a great facilitator. She lead me to relax into my breath and explore my uneasy feelings. I felt very safe with her to share my vulnerability and she lead me into a deep dialog. I felt she was right on in her manner and direction. Thank you Lindas truly authentic in her coaching and allows her client to fully express themselves..
Emily – Cheyenne, WY
Linda brings a safe and peaceful presence into the arena with her. She’s truly authentic and allows her client to fully express themselves.
Kacey – Elwood NE
Linda creates a safe space for people to open their hearts and looks to the past to create a positive future.
Mary – Summit WI
Linda is  beautiful coach. She is attentive and stays present moment to moment. Linda communicates a safety and also an ability to stay with her client in the midst of uncertainty, helping to bring understanding and awareness.
Wayne – AB, Canada
I can highly recommend Linda. Her patience, dedication and caring are unquestioned and I felt completely safe throughout our coaching session.
Lindsey – Chivington CO
Linda has the ability to bring themselves into their body and create a safe space where the person is then able to explore deeper feelings.

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