Linda Bruce

I strongly value the seeking of truth and answers to create a full life for oneself and others. This never ending process has brought me to a place of combining my social work, counseling, Equine Gestalt Coaching, life and horse experience together to create a place where human and horse can partner and discover the healing powers that exist within each of us.

Pouring my love and energy into my family has filled me up. As I watch my children wander into young adulthood, I am faced with a stir of emotions. The years of being a Mom leave me fulfilled and proud and the inevitable outcome of independent children leaves me open to march passionately towards another of my life’s callings.

Soulful Prairies is my next step. Following my instincts has brought me to this piece of land where many of the things in life that I find important present themselves; slowing down, community, nature, wildlife and of course horses. Sharing my knowledge and talents and bringing others together to share ideas is a key element at Soulful Prairies.

I am a graduate of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®.

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