Our Critters

A wise man once told us that your donkey will pick you.

My daughter and I had set out to pickup a pair of donkeys and when we arrived at the farm there were a few others available. We spent time with all of them and the very last one we were shown was Cooper. I believe it was the expression in his eyes that told us he was the one.

Although small in size Cooper can hold his own in any conversation with horse, canine or human. He is one of those dudes who is completely comfortable in his skin and really doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. He expects respect and does not appreciate if you think you can instantly be his friend without an introduction and good butt scratching. When you gently stroke those long fuzzy ears the look of contentment that comes across his face is priceless.


Jozie is our flat coat retriever and was born in 2009. She came into our family when our English Mastiff, Elliot, was still on this planet.  Elliot had a heart of gold and Jozie was lucky enough to learn from the best and also has a huge heart. Jozie is the member of the family who would endure anything for the good of those around her.

Emma became part of our family in 2010. She was the sweetest puppy and brought with her a breeze of happiness that was desperately needed after a year filled with much loss. Emma keeps everyone in line and a watchful eye out for her human family at all times. Her sense of humor keeps us all guessing.