Farm Testimonials

“You have such a beautiful peace of earth and have outdone yourself improving it on all levels. It feels so peaceful – like it’s own little smiling universe. It makes my soul sing to know places like yours exist. Thanks for making this world a better place for all of us!”

“Our first Farm to Table Fundraiser at Soulful Prairies was perfection on every level. The evening began with a champagne toast against a sensational sunset overlooking the pond followed by a candlelit dinner for 60 in the loft. Linda and Robert are quintessential hosts and their  serene space reflects their kind hearts and unique taste.”
Nancy Grybash
POC Board Member

“To empower a woman at risk of poverty, depression, or violence it is essential to first lift this person out of their personal sadness and carry them to a place where she can breathe, quiet her heart, and feel safe. Soulful Prairies was the destination for a retreat intended for the group to spend a few unique mornings touching the earth while planting and harvesting corn and pumpkins. Linda Bruce opened her garden and her heart and allowed these special guests the opportunity to find respite and peace while sharing in the satisfaction of teamwork and gardening.” This experience launched what is now ROOTS Community Garden in Palatine. Thank you Linda for sharing your concept of community gardening with us and helping us to create our own little farm for families to experience the job of farming in their own backyard.”
Kathy Millin, Executive Director
Palatine Opportunity Center

I knew the property that Soulful Prairies is now on before the Bruce’s owned it.  The land was abused and neglected.  Now when I walk around I see native plants that you just don’t see anymore in the wild.  They’re coming back because the land is being cared for.  The land has so much to tell us, if we take the time to listen.  I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this special place is being treated with the love and respect that it deserves.
Linda Balek
McHenry County Land Conservancy

As a childhood friend of Soulful Prairies owner, Linda Bruce, I have always been jealous of her eyes. Linda has big, beautiful, crystal blue eyes and I have slowly realized over the past 35 years that it isn’t the color of her eyes that I am intrigued with…it is the way she sees everything through them….

I was honored to be the first person to investigate this 80 acre parcel off Alden Road  with Linda.  It was a neglected, raw piece of farmland that a defunct apple orchard/petting farm business of years past had left behind…through Linda’s eyes…she saw something different and her hard work and transformation began.

The journey begins at the front 20′ high wrought iron gates that invite you so welcoming off the country road. As you pass the gates and make your way down a freshly planted, tree-lined road you can’t help but notice the community farm plots, pumpkin patches and rows of corn. As the road winds around you come upon a majestically beautiful barn surrounded by rambling pastures, prairies and a pond.

I am not sure if the transformation came from Linda’s passion for horses, love of nature or her genuine concern for all of life’s creatures, but her vision has always been clear. This land truly epitomizes what she has always seen through her beautiful blue eyes…..the good in things that others think are bad, the wonders of what could be and each persons inner beauty!
Keep reaching for the stars, Linda….we all need to see life through your eyes!

With all my love and admiration,
Barb Oborne
Real Estate Consultant