Tonight I Toast Me!

blog-toast-meI love this porch and I never get tired of the way the sun slinks into the pond in the evenings. Tonight I sit alone as I do many evenings at the farm but I am feeling a bit different. I have opened a bottle of champagne to toast myself.

Something stirred in me today as I walked the property. It was pride. The realization that I have worked hard to create this safe little corner of the world where human and nonhuman alike have come to celebrate, rejuvenate and just be. The vision was there and I nurtured it and through the bumpy roads I stuck with it .

Tonight I put to bed the perfectionist, the self critic and all doubt and I allow myself to float in this place of purity. I always say ,”it isn’t about me” but for tonight it is about me. I celebrate all that is in front of me and all that is to come. Tonight I toast me!


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