Tree Sweaters

A few years back I had visited a town where every tree in the  city area had a sweater and I decided that some day I was going to do that. With the help of friends and family, this year we have twenty four trees dressed in bright and beautiful sweaters. There is one special tree that is decked out in a green sweater that is in remembrance of a stunning women, Molly Pearce-Eaker, who touched  and impacted hearts across the world. I’m still crocheting…….

Please click photos for a larger view.

  • sweater-1

  • sweater-2

  • sweater-3

  • sweater-16

  • sweater-4

  • sweater-5

  • sweater-6

  • sweater-7

  • sweater-8

  • sweater-9

  • sweater-10

  • sweater-11

  • sweater-12

  • sweater-13

  • sweater-14

  • sweater-15