Indulge in Self Awareness

This event has been cancelled. We will reschedule when life returns to normal.

Come join us for a day of Astrology, Massage and Equine Gestalt Sessions.

Chose to work with Shanae who is an amazing and talented astrologist we are flying in from North Carolina, our local and dearly loved massage therapist Jen and/or Linda, Soulful Prairies Equine Gestalt Practitioner. The combination would be truly indulgent.

There are appointments available on both Saturday and Sunday and we will schedule you in your requested slots according to availability and your schedule.

We will have munchies in the house throughout the day and have healthy soup and salad available in the afternoon for you to enjoy before, between and after your session.

Session Options

Astrology Session with Shanae Draper
In an Astrology session with Shanae, the soul and the souls journey is uncovered. It’s a time self discovery and self mastery through the planets using the connection between the planets based on the day, location and time of birth.

Equine Gestalt with Linda Bruce
Our true potential at living fully and authentically cannot be found if we are stuck in the patterns of business and survival. . Your hour long Gestalt session will allow you to dip your toe in and work with the innate energies of the horse and begin to unlock your own answers. These sessions will take place in the indoor arena with you, a horse and Linda. Following an astrology session with this option will create an amazing opportunity for you to dive deeper into what you discovered while working with Shanae.

Massage with Jen Wilder LMT
Every session is customized to your choosing, whether you are looking for a mindful relaxation massage, or deep tissue to help find muscle tension relief, or that middle range to find the perfect meditative state, while finding your body to be lighter and looser!

Investment In Yourself
$100 per session
$250 for all three services
*These prices include food and drinks throughout the day, relaxing in the house and enjoying the grounds.
Days and times will be scheduled on a first come first served bases. After you have registered, Linda will call you to schedule your sessions. 

Before you register ..
Attendees at all Soulful Prairies events must sign a waiver. Before you register, we ask that you sign our waiver. Please click the button below. A new tab will open with the waiver. Once you have signed, close the tab and return to this event and register. Thank you!
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