Culinary Creations ~ from the prairie

Sept 13, 2021
5:00 PM
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Soulful Farm started as an adventure in the fall of 2019. Linda, Goddess of the Prairie, had always dreamt of having a garden on the land and at that perfect moment a few Garden Girls came into her world. With planning and hard work came Soulful Farm, the one acre small farm just beyond the iron Gates at Soulful Prairies. In our second growing season we have found a beautiful rhythm with Hannah Pfaff, Stacey Rezendes and Carina Vowels tending the land. We grow what is considered specialty produce more commonly known as a kitchen garden. We have rows of green beans, carrots, kale, cucumbers and most of what we can grow here in our Northern Illinois climate. We open our Farm Stand to the public on Fridays during summer months and offer seasonal Harvest Boxes on a weekly basis, even with some limited delivery options. All three Garden Girls are deeply involved in the food community outside of the farm as well. Hannah, as an Environmental Educator for McHenry County, Stacey as a part of Fork It Foods, and Carina is on the board of the Food Shed Co-op. We plan our days around our meals, and have a burning passion to grow organic food in a way that is regenerative for our planet.

We bring a recipe to you this month on Culinary Creations ~ from the prairie from Soulful Farm. We are the small farm just beyond the gates here at Soulful Prairies. This recipe is a personal favorite of ours as it uses the entire vegetable root to leaf! Carrot tops (the bushy green leaves that grow above the ground of the carrot) are a delicious treat brought to life in a pesto. This recipe is flavorful enough to forget that you're reducing food waste by using the tops and simply enjoying a fresh, bright meal perfect for late spring/early summer. It can be a stand alone light meal or we’ve added lots of variations for you to customize your roasted carrots with carrot tops pesto. We will be hosting from the barn kitchen with some clips of a farm tour. You will receive an ingredient and prep list in the email confirmation with Zoom link and we look forward to cooking with you!

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