Harvest Dinners

In 2017 we had our first Harvest Dinner. Soulful Prairies partnered with the amazing chef Dave Esau. Our Harvest Dinner is an evening of tasting delicious fresh locally grown foods, enjoying the breathtaking back drop of the farm and meeting like-minded people. Dinners are usually served under the canopy of two trees illuminated by white string lights cascading from branch to branch. Classy shabby chic is the ambiance and Chef Dave is always entertaining, so there is no doubt you will have a laugh or two.

"The Farm to Table dinner is an exquisite experience. We eat amazing food over multiple courses, absorb the beauty
in the magical surroundings that is Soulful Prairies, and have a chance to genuinely connect with new people we wouldn’t
otherwise meet. I relish the opportunity to build community through food and connection. Can’t wait for the next one!"

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