Farm Spaces

We love our space and we love sharing our space. If you have an idea just give Linda a call and we’ll see what we can work out!

The Grounds
This eighty-acre parcel has much to offer. We have a walking/riding path that sweeps the edge of the property. Thirty acres are now in the Land Conservancy. These areas offer native wild life and plant life, some of which is endangered. Five acres are fenced for the horses so it is always fun to stop and have a chat with one of them if you are out and about. The buildings surround a center area that is flat and mowed. We have hosted events where a tent has been rented and placed in this area. It's great for Baggo and other games or just hanging out. Don't forget to take a nap in one of our hammocks. There is also a beautiful overlook where you can kick back and watch the birds and other wild life over the pond. The croak of our resident bull frog is not to be missed.

The Loft
When we talk about the loft we are referring to the area above the horses in the horse barn. This area is 84 x 42 feet. There is an organic elegance to this space with high ceilings, chandeliers, small Italian white lights winding up the beams, painted plywood floors and a salvaged barn wood finish on all the walls and ceiling. There is a sink, microwave, coffee and tea maker and counter tops in a kitchen type set up. Large windows run down both long sides of the building. One of the gabled ends has multiple windows with views looking out over the horses and the pastures and the other end has two salvaged hay doors with a beautiful painted glass window above. The best part of the loft is that when you open these doors you have a gorgeous view of the farm and in the evenings you have a front row seat for a breath taking sunset. This space has been the host for many good times and the joy seems to linger in the room from one event to another.

The Arena
The arena is an 80 x 160 foot space with a bricked entrance and a sand base floor. The ceiling is a white fabric that allows light through and creates a bright cheerful feeling. There is a wood loft at the front of the building that has chairs, tables, a chandelier and hay loft doors that can be opened. Windows run down both long sides of the building and there are large sliding doors at either end. We keep all the windows open through the warmer months to give an outdoor feeling. This is the place where I work with clients, hold my groups and parts of my retreats, work with horses and ride. We have hosted events here and on occasion a band for fund raisers. This space has a peaceful happy feel to it.

"My son and his new bride had the most beautiful wedding imaginable and Linda was lovely and went above and beyond!
Gorgeous grounds, barn, horses, prairie... It was a soulful experience for all who attended." ~ Kathleen L