Giving Back

From the very beginning, the premise of Soulful Prairies was based around giving back. The very first event we had was a fundraiser. We threw some seeds in the ground and in the fall invited friends and family out to pick gourds and pumpkins, in exchange for a small fee. The voluntary donations went to a local not for profit. Later as that pumpkin patch turned into the Grow and Share gardens we donated produce to the local food pantry.

Over the years we have nurtured that branch of our mission. We have hosted multiple fund raisers and my family has created one music fund raiser -  Soul Jam, that we orchestrate each year and donate the funds to a local not for profit.

We have hosted day retreats at discounted rates to groups who do not have the funding to cover the experience; often times these have been groups that work themselves for not for profits and have dedicated their lives to giving back.

It is one of my greatest joys to see kids run on open land, breath fresh country air, or nuzzle with a warm fuzzy nose - sometimes for the first time. We have hosted different age groups from a day care center all the way to an Alzheimer unit. Whether Soulful Prairies is a new experience or stirs distant childhood memories it is always fun to see the satisfied smiles of visitors.

"As the Executive Director of a not-for-profit whose mission is to support under served women and children, I search for places to go
where they can feel tranquility and hope. Soulful Prairies has been this destination for me. I have witnessed the transformation
of my clients as they leave their fears and challenges at home for a few hours or day and open up their hearts and mind and
allow for personal growth and resiliency. Thank you Linda Bruce for opening your heart and doors for my
clients and giving them experiences that have proven to enrich their lives." ~ Kathy M., POC Executive Director