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Hidden Hive Flower Farm

Rooted in Woodstock, Illinois, our mission is to provide the region with the highest quality seasonal flowers, sourced from the finest seed, bulb and rootstock and cultivated using organic farming practices.

Our goal as farmers is to help redefine the modern American family farm and be at the forefront of the Slow Flower movement in the upper Midwest.

We believe flowers are even more beautiful if you know where they came from and how they were grown.

Wedding & Event Design.

ALI ARMBRUST is the passionate force behind Hidden Hive Flower Farm. With a background in Microbiology, she followed her calling to flower farming. Rounding out her education at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, she studied biodynamic and sustainable agricultural methods and then worked on large organic farms throughout the Midwest. An alum of the Floret Flower Farm design workshop series, and a proud member of the ASCFG, she brings her keen eye and attention to detail to every project. She farms, designs and lives in Woodstock, Illinois, alongside her husband, MATTHEW BENKERT, two children, barn cats and free range chicken flock.

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