Friday, May 3rd - Sunday, May 5th, 2019
at Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, IL
The Retreat begins May 3rd at 7 PM and ends May 5th at 11 AM

Are you a *caregiver who is a wanting to learn the importance of self-care? If so, join Linda and Vivian Thwaits of Art Soul and Horses in California for this retreat.

Join us for a weekend of pure joy and creative relaxation. Learn the art of reconnecting with what you love through meditation with horses, yoga, soul scape vision art, and 1:1 horse experiences. This is a one of a kind opportunity to reconnect with what you love and find your new rhythm. You will leave with a new way to walk in this world and a toolbox to help you continue to cultivate your inner resources and be forever mindful to tending to your inner-garden first.

So often times when we take care of others we can lose sight of our own purpose and meaning and life becomes routine. This workshop will serve to help you rethink your relationship with yourself and -cultivate a higher level of mental and emotional fitness. Let's explore what makes you feel good and start there. Tell me how you want to feel and what you love? That is the key to creating your new beginning.

This workshop is for anyone who is wanting to learn the importance of self-care. Taking the time to cultivate and reconnect with what we love is key to finding our center again. It is in this very place that we become reacquainted with our own brilliance.

You will:

  • Spend two Nights at Soulful Prairies
  • Experience the mind and body healing affects of Yoga Practice
  • Reacquaint your body with peace though Gong Meditation with Horses
  • Explore the healing power of horses with 1:1 Equine Gestalt Sessions
  • Re-ignite your passions by creating your own beautiful one of a kind soul scape art piece
  • Reconnect with nature and the beauty of silence on the farm
  • Fuel your body with healthy and delicious meals

*Caregiver: Anyone who cares for others professionally or personally

Investment in You: $725
We are offering 15% Off!! The new price - $616.25


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Center and Reconnect Flyer

Linda BruceLinda Bruce

Vivian ThwaitsVivian Thwaits
RN, Equine Gestalt Coach
and Mixed Media Artist

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