Linda Bruce

I was a highly sensitive, somewhat shy child. I often felt a little lost and overwhelmed. Animals always gave me a sense of balance. My childhood was filled with feeding orphaned animals from eye droppers and helping those no longer healthy enough to stay on this planet to peacefully pass to the other side. I believed I could feel the pain of an injured spider, or the sadness of a baby separated from its mother. These feelings were not limited to animals and bugs. The sight of a child sitting alone at a lunch table was enough to send me home sick from school. It's pretty clear how I ended up where I have; desiring to bring the breath-taking sensitivities that animals intuitively hold, and pair them with individuals who are looking to find a new way to be through Gestalt Sessions.

The middle of my life was filled with my own lessons and I had to find my own way through the wobbly maze of loving animals and humans for who they were and not my vision of what they should be, finding my voice and building fair and honest boundaries while keeping kindness intact. A mare of mine was particularly helpful in teaching me these lessons and it was through this process that I began to see where my life was headed. I had an uncertain vision that gained strength as I found my partners in Soulful Prairies and the horses.

I can remember vividly the first times I rambled down the weed covered road which is now
the farm at Soulful Prairies. What a beautiful mess waiting to be revealed! The property presented itself at a time in my life when the demands of my twenty-five-year long career as a mom were becoming less time consuming. An opening presented itself and allowed me to march passionately towards another of my life's callings. There is a creative love affair that this land and I have, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have been given to blend my energies with the legacy this piece of earth possesses. As I worked diligently to unveil the offerings of Soulful Prairies, she confidently pushed me towards the necessary uncomfortable unknowns that brought me to a place of trusting my gifts.

Touched by a horse book
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Linda and her story are featured in Touched by a Horse Equine Coaching Stories Volume 2.


Meet Linda


"Immediately when you meet Linda, you are put at ease. This combined with Soulful Prairies peaceful environment creates a unique, yet effective, place to heal, grow and learn.
Over the past several years, I have been fortunate to get to know Linda through our mutual love of horses. Her kind spirit, eagerness to help and sincere generosity
have helped me heal and strive towards a more peaceful inner self."  ~ Lynne