Lodging At Soulful Prairies

While developing Soulful Prairies, we found having on-site accommodations is a necessity. Unwinding takes time and staying on site can be important.

Our lodging is available to those who are coming to a retreat, coaching/counseling experience, corporate or group retreat, clinics, trainings and private events.

It's in the details for me. I am a scrapper, junker, garage saler, Craig's list follower and estate sale junkie. I absolutely love finding new uses for odd old things. The house and cabin have a lot of love poured into the unique nuances which bring character to the buildings. Diamonds and jeans is my style. Casual with a touch of glam.

The Cabin has a beautiful wrap around porch with rocking chairs galore. The horse pasture sweeps from the side of the cabin to the back of the barn all the way around to the back of the house. You wont find a better space to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Our lodging focus was to bring a sense of warmth, comfort and home to all who visit.

Diamonds and jeans and a little bit of shabby chic is the best way to describe the offset, four story, barn-style home complete with vaulted ceilings, steel countertops, velvet chairs, salvaged floor and sweeping views. Our generous deck is adorned with large rocking chairs that overlook the pond and western sunsets.

Soulful Prairies is a place to relax and enjoy.
It’s even better with a horse by your side.

"Each time I stay over at Soulful Prairies I leave feeling refreshed and grateful for a quiet country night. The accommodations are clean and comfortable!" ~ John S