“Soul Call to Practitioner Gathering”
For Illinois Practitioners to Gather, Connect and begin to Co-Create!
Saturday November 21st 12-3pm
Soulful Praries, Woodstock

You are warmly invited to Join Erin Gallagher Energetic & Posturing Coach & LMT and
Linda Kent Bruce Equine Gestalt Counselor/Coach and Owner of Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, IL, to circle up as a group of diverse practitioners, and share about your Healing Offerings.

We gather to connect our Illinois practitioner web,
to gain support in the continued giving of our profound gifts, and to allow whatever magic of collaboration wants to arise, to do so.
We gather because our Soul is Called.

Please arrive before 12pm on Saturday, November 23rd.
Place any marketing materials to share for your Practice or upcoming workshops on the table allocated.
Plan for about a 90 minute-2hour circle, with limited facilitation by Erin, where each Practitioner will have 3-4 minutes to share with us:

1) their offerings
2) their demographic
3) their location
4) why they do what they do

~Two hours of inspiration and learning about the immense profundity existent in our IL Practitioner Community.

Linda will also speak briefly about Soulful Prairies and the offerings.

Circle will be followed by snacks, cider and time to mingle with practitioners

You can learn more about Linda and her beautiful, healing land at:

And Erin’s offerings at https://www.eringallagher.co/

If you have other practitioners in your midst you sense might be called to join us-no matter their age or modality-please route them our way!

We so hope You can sit with and potentially create with us!! Your presence and offerings are seen and valued 🙏💚

May Connecting the Illinois Practitioner Web Begin!

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