Soulful Farm Garden

We are excited to have this enthusiastic group of women coming on board at Soulful Prairies. What a perfect time to be paying more attention to growing our own healthy food. This year we are beginning with a medium sized area where we hope to grow enough food to help Soulful Prairies out with a few events and fund raisers and also enough for the families involved in the project. We plan to open a small farm stand at the front gates mid summer and will begin to source local restaurants who are looking to purchase local, healthy, organic produce.

Soulful Farm Gardeners

Megan Morris
I am a Woodstock local and am absolute in love with growing food! I grew up working with animals great and small and growing vegetables in my backyard garden with my dad. Every spring was my absolute favorite time of year, buying seeds, preparing the beds, and watching what I planted grow into nourishing food. Those beautiful memories with my dad grew into a passion of small, sustainable, natural farming. Over the past five years I have taken agriculture and horticulture classes and have worked on several organic vegetable farms. I am not only a farmer; I am a mother to my free spirited 8 year old daughter and I also work at Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary. I am a life long animal lover and an avid outdoorswoman. I am so excited for this new adventure of Soulful Farms and can't wait to feed my community with beautiful naturally grown food! Woo!

Hannah Pfaff
I began gardening and composting with my Dad as a toddler and have never looked back. Raised hiking and traveling often I grew a deep appreciation for the planet and all its inhabitants. In recent years I have become an environmental educator for McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program (MCSEEP) and it has made me incredibly joyous! Growing a farm at Soulful Prairies and working with Linda feels like the gift of a lifetime. I have two adorable children whom I love to dance to loud music with and a husband I love dearly, especially he remembers to use less plastic wrap.

Stacey Rezendes
I am always on an adventure, at least that's how I tell it. Happily married for 12 years with 3 pretty awesome boys, and a nice big dog. I love to eat healthy, I love to cook and bake and I LOVE to garden. I've taken a great interest in nutrition over the years and really enjoy creating healthy and delicious foods to nourish my family, especially my growing boys! Having a garden and growing plants has always come naturally. I feel such satisfaction in the process and enjoy it wholeheartedly! Working in food service and health care has also given me inspiration to be a part of my community's health and wellness. I love becoming a part of the local food movement. This an epic opportunity and I am super excited for the journey into farming.

Paulina has been gardening for over 15 years. She is passionate about soil health and growing food in a regenerative way where sustainable practices like cover crops and compost are utilized. She is also involved in the preservation of rare and forgotten seeds through the Roughwood Seed Collection and Seeds for Preservation Independence.

Would You Like to Join Us?
If you have any interest in being a part of this amazing project or would like to volunteer, feel free to reach out to Linda #847-366-6743 or fill out the volunteer form.

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