Sweat LodgeSweat Lodge

Enjoy the spiritual and therapeutic experience of a sweat lodge. This event is a blend of Native American songs, Mesoamerican practices, Tibetan singing bowls, drumming, stories and prayers.

Participants find the sweat completely uplifting and rejuvenating. No matter what spiritual path you are on, the lodge is a beautiful experience. Whether you prefer to just meditate in the heat and steam or dig deeper by connecting with your true self or higher power, the lodge is a powerful tool.

The Sweat Lodge is a purification ceremony that utilizes prayers, songs, meditation and stories. Matthew has spent decades studying with indigenous elders from the Lakota to the Mayans. His lodges utilize many Native American and Mesoamerican aspects, but also incorporate singing bowls and other musical instruments that were not available to those indigenous cultures. The lodge itself consists of a round, domed structure about ten feet in diameter, made with flexible branches tied together. It is covered with blankets and tarps to insure that there is complete blackness once inside. Although it is sealed from light, the cloth is still breathable and air freely flows. The participants sit on the ground around a shallow pit used to hold the stones. Outside of the lodge, these stones are heated in a fire and then brought into the long. The door flaps are drawn and the Guide then pours water on the heated stones, creating steam and heating up the interior. It never gets hotter than a sauna. It's not only physically, but also spiritually cleansing. The ceremony consists of four “rounds,” each lasting approximately 20+ minutes. The door is opened for a few minutes between each round, so that more stones may be brought in. Everything said in the sweat lodge is kept private and confidential and nothing is ever repeated outside of the lodge. The lodge is a form of "medicine" in its own right. It may bring insight and internal guidance, calmness and clarity. For some, it is a fantastic form of meditation. We make no claims and pass no judgment here. The event is for you and what you wish to get out of it. Sacred medicine, ritual events, are all just a means to help you heal yourself.

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"If you have ever wanted to participate in a sweat lodge, I HIGHLY recommend Matthew Johns Sweat Lodge. The lodge is located on the
absolutely beautiful grounds of Soulful Prairies, which is an amazing farm, sanctuary, solace in Woodstock, IL. Too many amazing
offerings to list. Matthew is your guide throughout the beautiful ceremony and gently leads you through the experience with grace, knowledge
and peace. It is a spiritual and fulfilling experience that is cathartic and healing on so many levels. Do it for yourself!!"" ~ Sheila C

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