"I did not realize that my recent affinity for the concept of connections came from my time at Soulful Prairies. It slipped ever so gently into my soul. Thank you!" ~ Carol M.

"Linda has such a strong spirit that surrounds both she and her client. This creates a safe space where anything can be shared. Really Lovely!" ~ Rie NC
"With fluidity and grace, Linda provides a safe and secure place that clients almost react with surprise that their "limiting beliefs" which had been preventing them from reaching their full potential, had been so graciously resolved." ~ Heather W. Johns Island SC
"Linda brings a safe and peaceful presence into the arena with her. She's truly authentic and allows her client to fully express themselves." ~ Emily - Cheyenne, WY
"Being Linda's client was a transformational experience. She is present and authentic and very helpful. Highly recommend!" ~ Bethany P. Cadillac, MI
"Linda has the ability to be soft and compassionate. She has an awareness of when a client needs to be moved and when to be still and quiet. This all creates a incredible sense of safety." ~ Amy M - Wetaskiwinn, Canada
"Linda held such a safe and supportive space for me to tune into my body's wisdom. She led me on a journey to release some deeply held emotions. It was powerful and transformative." ~ Christina - Boulder CO
"I can highly recommend Linda. Her patience, dedication and caring are unquestioned and I felt completely safe throughout our coaching session." ~ Wayne - AB, Canada
"What a great phone session this morning. I am really feeling focused. I'm looking forward to coming out to the farm. In heartfelt appreciation." ~ - Irma
"Linda is a great facilitator. She lead me to relax into my breath and explore my uneasy feelings. I felt very safe with her to share my vulnerability and she lead me into a deep dialog. I felt she was right on in her manner and direction. Thank you. Linda's truly authentic in her coaching and allows her client to fully express themselves." ~ Laurie - Sun Valley, ID
"Linda has the ability to bring themselves into their body and create a safe space where the person is then able to explore deeper feelings." ~Lindsey - Chivington CO
"I began coaching with Linda hoping to identify why I was feeling stuck and unmotivated to move forward in my life. What seemed to be a dark year of the soul had left me feeling lost and confused.

I immediately knew that Linda was the real deal and that she walked her talk. I felt a comfort and confidence in her as she began chipping away at the stone like person I had become, helping me to discover the beauty that was held within. From our first conversation Linda not only brought rays of sunshine and breathes of fresh air, she stimulated progressive thinking, insights, goal setting, awareness of healthy boundaries and ongoing inspiration. Steadily she supported my personal growth and became a reliable anchor for me as I ventured into unknown waters.

As the chains and shackles of my past began to dissolve, I felt lighter and more confident to face life challenges and to begin carving out my future. I am excited to be back on track towards reaching my fullest potential.

I consider self - respect, the ability to connect and assertiveness three of the most important qualities of successful living. Not only does Linda have these qualities, she can teach you to have them as well.

I am forever grateful to Linda for her exquisite skills to guide, support and encourage. My spirit has been restored! In heartfelt appreciation."
~ Irma