The Soulful Prairies Crew

When I began this project, I had no idea what I was getting into. I'm an independent soul and visualized hiring a few people to build and do this and that, doing the rest some how on my own. Well this experience has made it very clear that it takes many many talented, passionate, invested people to create.

My little one-woman show has expanded by leaps and bounds and what Soulful Prairies has become would have been impossible without each and every one of the gifted people I have been graced with since we opened our gates.

When people stay the night at Soulful Prairies I put a chocolate bar on their pillow with a message that says, thanks for being a part of the Soulful Prairies story. The story is the unique blend of people and energy that pass through, making what we have better and better.

Our crew is made up of family, trades people, clients, clinicians and friends who have showed up physically and emotionally to support all that Soulful Prairies offers.

The Bruce Family
The Bruce Family

My family's spirit is the heart beat of Soulful Prairies. They've supported me and brought their own personal energy and touches to the farm. Each of my kids has worked during their summer break. They have shoveled poop, mowed the property, built fences, stained, painted, sanded, washed thousands of dishes and the list goes on and on.

How do you describe the people in your life who you are the most grateful for? They are my spirit, my soul, my joy, my peace.....They are my everything and without them I would not be whole.

"I have had the great fortune to have known Linda Bruce and Soulful Prairies from its formation and early days. When I reflect on all
I have experienced I can honestly say that on each and every engagement, I have learned a fresh perspective, reflected on something
important, been inspired to seek a new understanding and level of achievement. Soulful Prairies revives the human spirit through meaningful
connection with humans, horses, farm life and tranquility that is masterfully guided by Linda and the competent individuals that work with her." ~ Sandra