Equine Gestalt Sessions - What Is It?

If we all knew that we held exactly what we need within us to find our own perfect answers, what potential would be unlocked?

The Equine Gestalt Method believes that through experiential opportunities within a counseling environment we can begin to open to our own truths and see ourselves as we are meant to be. Gestalt also finds strength in an experiential process where individuals can feel their way through their process. By combining Gestalt with my background in social work and counseling I have found a beautiful balance.

I continue to learn and grow daily and have also studied in the fields of Imago Relationship Therapy and Natural Lifemanship. Each brings new depth to my practice in areas of trauma, individual growth and relational growth.

As I meet with clients we find a path together that feels comfortable and on target for their specific goals. Our sessions can include phone calls and farm visits.

You do not have to have any experience with horses and we always move at the pace that feels right to you. The sessions can take place in a pasture, in the arena, in a round pen or out in a big open field.

It is in the middle of nature with creatures that are highly in tune to our energy, where we begin to see with clarity and dance with the possibility of being fully ourselves.

Horses are prey animals and therefore have a heightened sensitivity to the environment for their survival. Their innate ability to sense others' energies gives them the beautiful gift of reflecting our personal strengths and struggles. Insights through the joint work of a practitioner and a horse can be revealing and life changing.

I am forever grateful to Linda for her exquisite skills to guide, support and encourage. My spirit has been restored! In heartfelt appreciation. ~ Irma