Your Sisters Tomato truckYour Sister's Tomato

When you are in remote locations, providing delicious, high quality food becomes a challenge. We offer mobile wood fired pizza. We make the pizza right in front of you-from the hand stretching and tossing of the dough, topping the pizza with fresh high quality ingredients, and putting it in the oven for a mere 90 seconds-you get a hot delicious pizza cooked just for you. We are ready to deliver a unique experience for you and your guests that won’t be forgotten.

We can bring out the truck or the trailer. The pizza truck is an enclosed space where we stretch the dough, top the pizza, and cook the pizza all inside the truck. There is a large window that you can see us working. With the trailer, everything happens outside. We set up a tent and and our workspace is under the tent where we stretch the dough and top the pizza. The oven is outside on the trailer. You get to see more of the making of the pizza and interact with us.

We also do appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts for an additional price. Each event is different, so we will talk to you and get your input and come up with a game plan to best fit your needs.

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