It is here at Soulful Prairies where all the beauty of the world blends into a masterpiece. The native conservation land, the fish and wild life preserved pond and the restored wetlands and prairies bring awareness to a natural approach of caring for our planet. This self sustaining, organic land is the home to bee hives, the Grow and Share Gardens and hay fields grown for our horses. The magic in restoring the native wildlife and plants is abundant.

Nestled within this natural beauty is a farm for horses that was laid out with sustainability and salvage in mind. Each detail of the farm was carefully researched to create a beautiful and comfortable place for retired horses to just be.

Soulful Prairies also offers clinics and holds fund raisers for local organizations throughout the year.   The tranquility of the land is a place where healing and the horse human-connection can be explored without limitations.

Come to Soulful Prairies and..


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  • Cooking Class

  • Natural Lifemanship