These are unusual times. A time where we are being bombarded and overwhelmed by endless information. A time to reevaluate. A time to allow our own intuition and common sense to guide us. Let's face it, however we interpret all that is coming at us, it is scary and creates a sense of uncertainty.

There are quotes and advice suggesting we just relax and see the beauty and growth that takes place when we slow down. I agree there can be some huge perspective shifts from this vantage point. It also can be very frustrating to be told to just relax, if you're feeling anxious or panicky. It may not be quite that easy. My suggestion is to observe yourself, acknowledge the fear and emotions and if you need support find a buddy. A friend you can call every day!


  • Buddy up with a friend or family member who can support you
  • Move - get out and walk, jump, laugh
  • Find a project you have been wanting do for years and do it
  • Look through old photos
  • Play a game
  • Clean out that junk drawer that makes you crazy
  • Write a letter to someone who you miss or changed your life
  • Build your immune system and kiss a horse, a dog, a kitty or even better all three!
  • Email Linda for a free session  soulfulprairies@yahoo.com
  • Limit your news time!!

Soulful Prairies is honoring the shelter in place action and we have currently put all of our groups and one on one sessions on hold. I am happy to work with you on the phone if you are in need of support. I am offering free one on one phone sessions for a limited number of clients. 

Please know that Soulful Prairies and I are here for you. Reach out and ask for what you need.

Sending you the perspective of open heart space when you may feel like shutting it down.

Soulful Prairies embodies a gentle energy that many have described as peace. The soil and space supports me in the work that I do with people, horses and critters while offering much more. Sharing the vibration of this land and all it has to offer with those who wander in through the front gates brings me a deep sense of gratitude. I am honored to be the steward of this land and to offer a safe place to heal and nourish souls.

“When we see that our sticky spots hold answers, we can transition into a
place of self-observation without judgement and from this place find a sweet
bold energy that will drive us straight into our full, beautiful, amazing selves.”

Through the support of my coaching/counseling practice with the horses, the details of your life that feel uncomfortable can shift, helping you find a new way to walk through the world with ease and comfort. This can be created in an individual, couple, group, corporate or retreat arrangement. We also offer rental facilities to enhance an overnight experience.

My Horses bring a unique wisdom to coaching sessions. They are herd and prey animals which brings them to a place of heightened awareness. Their gentle honesty creates an experiential opportunity for personal clarity and inner truth. If we listen, they have much to offer.


"Linda has created a piece of heaven on earth as she has developed and grown Soulful Prairies. I discovered Soulful Prairies when scrolling on line and came to the Feed Your Soul group. My life has been blessed in so many ways since this first encounter. The thoughtful details of chairs hanging from trees, a fire pit, a cabin, a fairy forest and walking paths for contemplation, allows space and safety to regroup and find your way. Best of all are the horses that Linda brings into individual sessions and groups. Linda exemplifies all the wonderful qualities she has built into Soulful Prairies. She is caring, honest, attentive and truly wants others to find that inner peace in their lives. If I could, I would live at Soulful Prairies." ~ Pat S.

We look forward to life returning to a new normal. Keep checking back for our 2020 offerings and opportunities.

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